To all of our patrons, The Princeton Braillists is pleased to inform its clients and friends that the entire collection of masters for our tactile drawings is being transferred to the National Braille Press, and that they will assume responsibility for supplying copies of our tactile map books on an ongoing basis. Please use the link www.nbp.org to contact the National Braille Press regarding all inquiries and orders for our map volumes; alternatively, they may be reached by phone to: Ms. Jackie Sheridan, VP of Production at 617-425-2442. The Princeton Braillists is grateful that this splendid organization will continue the legacy of service to the blind that has been a hallmark of the Princeton Braillists for the past 29 years. Thank you for your support!

The Princeton Braillists produce books of tactile maps for blind braille readers. The maps, both political and physical, are of individual US States and of countries around the world and generally show such features as boundaries, cities, rivers, bodies of water, and mountains.

The maps are detailed, labeled in braille only, and some experience with tactile drawings is recommended.

Maps and drawings are created by hand in an aluminum foil sheet. The metal is embossed with a variety of tools to produce raised lines and areas of varying height, texture and width. The maps are labelled with key letters that are identified on the pages preceding each map. The master drawing is duplicated by the Thermoform process to make clear, sharp copies. The 11 x 11 1/2 inch plastic sheets are bound into volumes with cardboard covers and spiral plastic binders.

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